Our professional experts are passionate about researching, analyzing and evaluating the best reviews on top products to identify the truly best products in the market and give you the most reliable purchasing advice.

There are millions of products in the market and hundreds of reviews about them. In many cases, these reviews are written by non-experts with limited knowledge about the products that lead to unreliable and misleading purchasing advices to the consumers.


The Ultimate Electronics Expert


The Ingenious AI and ML Expert


The Innovative Product Designer


The Inventive Engineer


The Awesome Research Engineer


The Genius Programmer


The Creative Editor


The Incredible Web Master

At Top of Reviews, we are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to analyze thousands of reviews, comments and articles in web, in order to gather the truly very best products in one place. Our AI and ML platforms are searching the web non-stop to find the best products in the market, analyze them and send them to our team experts who further review and refine the products in what we call the ‘golden shortlists’. Our team experts are professionals on technology, with extensive knowledge on Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Design, Programming, Ergonomy and many other applied sciences, crucial for the development of any product.


Our experts include PhD holders and industrial professionals but we also consult third party personnel and user-gurus to provide you with the very best shortlist of the most promising and best-selling products.

What People Say About Us

Tony Brousse

Literally, the very best reviews of top products gathered in one place!

L. K. Brown

I no longer need to spend time looking for reviews. I simply find the best products on Top of Reviews, guaranteed.

Dr Michael Birch

The high expertises of the team at ToR are truly reflected to the quality of their shortlists and benchmarking. Nice work!

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