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Best Choice No. 1
Lisle 81850 Combination Brake Lining Gauge Set
  • Designed to check both straight on or at a 90 Degree angle to the rotor with offset tips so the gauges can be used without removing the wheel or caliper assembly on many applications
  • Brake lining gauges identify thickness levels for brake lining inspection
  • Made from durable, flexible acetal
  • The gauges are color coded to match SAE or Metric recommendations for brake pad replacement
SaleBest Choice No. 2
OTC 6596 Brake Pad Gauge
  • OTC's Brake Pad Gauge allows for a definitive measurement of brake pads to determine remaining life
  • Unique design allows for measurement on the vehicle without the removal of any components in most cases (wheel assembly or brake caliper)
  • Quick, easy verification of brake pad condition via color code scale - Red means No, Green means Go
  • Crafted from rugged materials to ensure long term performance and durability
  • To calibrate: when probe tip is in locked position (resting on either body ledge), barrel measurement should be 4mm - adjust set screw and end screw as necessary to achieve 4mm measurement
Best Choice No. 3
ITEQ Brake Lining Thickness Gauge 8 Piece SAE & Metric Steel Constructions
  • Color coded brake pad gauge to identify thickness level ranges for brake lining inspection
  • The brake measuring tool can be used to quickly gauge any vehicle including trucks and heavy duty transportation
  • Set of 8 gauges denoting 3 thickness levels: Green, Yellow & Red, which indentify if the brakes are still good (Green), should be serviced (Yellow) and must be serviced (Red)
  • Each gauge blade has both Metric & SAE: 3 green (12, 10, 8 mm & 0.4724, 0.3937, 0.3150 inch), 3 yellow (6, 5, 4 mm & 0.2362, 0.1969, 0.1575 inch), and 2 red (3, 2 mm & 0.1181, 0.0787 inch)
  • Constructed out of steel with powder coat riveted together for extra strength and durability
Best Choice No. 4
ARES 70924 | 8-Piece Brake Pad Gauge Tool Set 20-Gauge Sheet Metal | Corrosion Resistant High Visibility Powder Coat Finish
  • SET INCLUDES: This Brake Gauge Tool Set includes eight brake gauges designed to help identify if a vehicle has sufficient brake lining in the following metric/SAE sizes: 2mm (0.0787 inches), 3mm (0.1181 inches), 4mm (0.1575 inches), 5mm (0.1969 inches), 6mm (0.2362 inches), 8mm (0.3150 inches), 10mm (0.3937 inches), and 12mm (0.4724 inches).
  • QUALITY: These brake gauge tools are constructed of 20-gauge sheet metal with a red, yellow, or green durable powder coat for easy identification of brake lining that needs to be replaced and are held together by a heavy-duty rivet, so you'll never have to search for a piece of this handy set.
  • APPLICATION: This brake gauge set can be used to quickly and easily identify brake lining that needs to be replaced in any vehicle, from light cars and trucks to heavy duty transportation vehicles. The green brake gauges indicate that the brake lining is in good condition. The yellow indicate that service may be needed, and the red indicate that the brake pads or shoes should be changed immediately.
  • RELIABLE | EFFECTIVE | EFFICIENT: Users trust ARES to be quality tools. You are backed by our Performance Assurance Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues with your ARES 8-Piece Brake Gauge Tool Set, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund.
  • ASPCA BUSINESS AMBASSADOR: We are proud to be part of the ASPCA Business Ambassador Program. If you have a pet, you realize they are more than a pet, they are part of the family. With your support, we’re proud to help this great organization.
Best Choice No. 5
Bememo 1 Piece Tyre Thread Depth Gauge and 8-Pieces Brake Lining Thickness Gauge Metric Gauge for Car, Trucks
  • Clear and accurate marks: codes are clearly marked on both gauges, which provides accurate depth readings and allows for a quick and easy reading
  • Effective working way: make you clear the condition at a glance by color showing, green shows safe, yellow shows you should be cautious, red remind you changing right now
  • Color coded brake gauge: different color shows different thickness on brake lining examination; Metric size: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm in green, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm in yellow, 2 mm, 3 mm in red, each pieces is carved both mm and inch for convenient reading
  • Color coded tyre depth gauge: divided into 3 color ranges; Range on red: 0 - 3/ 32; Range on yellow: 3/ 32 - 6/ 32; Range on green: 6/ 32 - 32/ 32
  • Easy to bring: the gauges are small in size, you can take it in your car or tool box, wouldn't take too much space; Can be applied at any place whenever you need, good tool to monitor tire tread levels
Best Choice No. 6
GEARWRENCH Disc Brake Lining Wear Gauge - 2116D
  • Disc brake lining wear gauge
  • Checks measurement without removing caliper
  • Gauge measures the brake lining that remains on bonded pads in fractions
  • Measures from 1/16 inches to 5/8 inches in 1/32 inches graduations
Best Choice No. 7
Sealey VS058 Brake Pad Thickness Gauge
  • Brake Pad Thickness Gauge
  • Braking
  • Caliper & Drum Tools
Best Choice No. 8
ABN Brake Lining Thickness SAE & Metric Gauge 8 Piece Tool Set
  • DRIVE SAFELY WITH THIS BRAKE GAUGE SET: The more you drive, the more your brakes will wear down; The ABN Brake Measuring Tool Brake Pad Measuring Tool is designed for you to easily identify your brake lining thickness and determine when you will need new brake pads; Brake thickness should not be less than 0.0787 inch (2mm)
  • COLOR CODED: This brake shoe thickness gauge is designed to quickly and easily identify brake thickness; Brake thickness gauge comes in red, green, and yellow for effective and efficient brake pad measurement
  • EASY TO USE: For brake pad measuring, simply fan out the brake lining thickness gauge and line up your brake pad with the brake pad gauge tool to determine the thickness of your brakes; Each blade of this brake measurement tool has both SAE and Metric measurements
  • MEASUREMENTS: Brake pad measurement tool has both metric and SAE measurements etched into the blades for easy identification; Green includes 0.4724 inch (12mm), 0.3937 inch (10mm), 0.3150 inch (8mm); Yellow includes 0.2362 inch (6mm), 0.1969 inch (5mm), 0.1575 inch (4mm); Red includes 0.1181 inch (3mm), 0.0787 inch (2mm)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The brake lining thickness gauge set measures at approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) for easy transportation and storage; Unlike other bulky metal brake measuring tools, this brake pad thickness tool is constructed out of durable ABS plastic to be durable, compact, and lightweight
Best Choice No. 9
ANTFEES 8 Pieces Car Automotive Brake Pad Measure Tool Brake Lining Thickness SAE & Metric Gauge Steel Constructions
  • Color Coded Brake Gauge Identifies thickness level ranges for brake lining inspection.
  • Effective working way: The red range shows that the tire is needed to be changed, the yellow means warning, the green means safe.
  • Constructed of 20-gauge sheet metal with powder coat riveted together for extra strength and durability
  • Each gauge blade has both SAE & Metric measurements.
  • Metric and SAE:Metric - 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (Green), 4mm, 5mm, 6mm (Yellow), 2mm , 3mm (Red).SAE - 0.3150" to 0.4720" (Green), 0.1575" to 0.2382" (Yellow), 0.0787" to 0.1181" (Red)
Best Choice No. 10
Pocket Tech Gauge 16ths
  • Brake Measuring Gauge in 16ths. All Stainless Steel, Laser Cut, Laser Engraved. Made in the USA!

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