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After exploring an incredibly large number of articles and reviews by our brilliant AI and Machine Learning tools; and detailed reprocessing, examination and infiltration by our skillful hi-technology gurus, the golden shortlist for the Best Dental Imaging & Sensor Sleeves (2020) is ultimately prepared.

In order to find the Best Dental Imaging & Sensor Sleeves (2020), our intelligent platforms and experts have taken many parameters into account such as product usability, user-friendly features and give customer satisfaction, freedom from deficiencies or defects, conformance of standards, affordability, credibility, user-friendly design, quality conformance to needs and guidlines, health and safety, real user satisfaction and lots of others. It is worth to note that each user has different requirements so please consider the below ranking as a guide and not as a gospel. In any case, in the list below you can undoubtedly find the overall best ones regardless of your requirements.

Our dynamic platforms and skillful technology experts work hard to provide you with the best product options. We firmly believe that that our review evaluation can help you simplify your purchase decision and choose among the truly Best Dental Imaging & Sensor Sleeves (2020).

Best Choice No. 1
500PCS Disposable Endoscope Sleeves, Dental Intraoral Camera Covers
  • Disposable sleeves for dental endoscope.
  • Made of high quality safety plastic,clear and easy to use.
  • Instruments are placed directly on top of the disposable plastic sleeve.
  • There are endoscope sleeves only, endoscope is not included.
  • Quantity: 500pcs per box.
Best Choice No. 2
Best Choice No. 3
Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Digital X-Ray Sensor Cover Sleeves (Box of 500) (2 1/2" x 10")
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Made of oxo-biodegradable plastic that decomposes in water and dirt, these disposable Xray sensor covers allow you to use a plastic disposable dental product without worrying about contributing to landfills.
  • UNIVERSAL Available in 3 different sizes, these barrier sheathes for imaging sensors are compatible with all professional digital imaging systems. Available sizes are: 2 ½” x 10”, 8” x 1 3/8”, and 8” x 1 5/8”. Box contains 500 pieces.
  • PREVENTS CROSS CONTAMINATION Keep your patients safe and healthy and eliminate any chance of cross-infection by always using one time use disposable protective sleeves with your intraoral camera and other imaging devices.
  • LESSENS TIME BETWEEN PATIENTS Reduce clean up time and see more patients in a day! Using disposable film and coverings eliminates the need to sterilize and allows you to quickly clean up after a patient and move on to the next in a manner of minutes.
  • HOW DOES OXO-BIODEGRATION WORK? An additive called TDPA (totally degradable plastics additive) is added to the plastic during the manufacturing process, which allows the product break down to Carbon Dioxide, water, humus, and trace elements when touched with dirt and water.
Best Choice No. 4
Dental X-Ray Sensor Sleeves 140XS Extra Small 1.5×8″ 500/box Clear
  • protect X-ray sensor
  • disposable single use
  • ease to apply, easy to remove
Best Choice No. 6
Best Choice No. 7
500PCS Dental X-ray Sensor Covers, Disposable Sensor Protector Sleeves
  • 500 Covers per box
  • Fits sensors up to 1-5/8"
  • Material:made from high quality plastic and help prevent cross-contamination
  • The finger lift edge allows for quick and easy placement and removal
  • Disposable Poly Pastic X-Ray Sensor
Best Choice No. 8
500Pcs Dental Disposable Cover Poly Plastic Sleeves Protective Film for Digital X-Ray Sensor
  • They protect your valuable X-Ray sensors with extra soft, tear-resistant, leakproof construction.
  • These products are made from high quality plastic and help prevent cross-contamination.
  • The finger lift edge allows for quick and easy placement and removal.
  • This is perfect to make sure hard-to-reach areas on the sensor remain clean.
  • Also protect the X-Ray sensor from splatter or other hazardous materials.
Best Choice No. 10
Dukal X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. Pack of 500 Digital Clear Plastic Sleeves Universal Sensor Covers Sensor Protective Film Disposable Digital X-Ray Covers.
  • PROVIDES A BARRIER: Pack of 500, provides an impervious barrier between patient and equipment, reducing risk of cross contamination
  • CONSTRUCTED TO PROTECT: Leak proof construction
  • CONVENIENT: Easy to use and disposable
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: Stays in place during use
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Not made with natural rubber latex

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