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After deep searching of an incredibly huge number of articles and reviews by our dynamic Artificial Intelligence and ML systems; and comprehensive reprocessing, inspection and rectification by our experienced high-tech gurus, the golden shortlist for the Best Lab Pipettor Accessories (2020) is finally prepared.

In order to come up with the Best Lab Pipettor Accessories (2020), our brilliant platforms and gurus have taken many factors into account such as product fitness for use, user-friendly features and give customer satisfaction, defect-free, standards conformance, worthiness-for-money, service requirements, user-oriented design, quality conformance to needs and regulations, safety, real user satisfaction and numerous others. It is worth to mention that each user has different requirements so please use the list below as a guideline and not as a gospel. Nevertheless, in the shortlist below you can definitely find the overall best ones regardless of your requirements.

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Best Choice No. 1
CGOLDENWALL Electric Pipettor Automatic Motorized Pipette Filler Pipette Controller for Biology Chemical Lab Speed Adjustable 0.1-200ML
  • 📍 It has a blowing function to prevent droplets from remaining, ensuring the accuracy of pipetting.
  • 📍 The intelligent battery charger prevents overcharging of the NiMH battery. It effectively reduces the lazy-battery effect(shortened operating time due to premature recharging).
  • 📍 At the maximum motor speed, a 50ml pipette is filled in 10 seconds. That's fast! Motor and pump operate quietly and with very low vibration.
  • 📍 Discharge liquid vapor directly to prevent erosion and prolong machine life.
  • 📍 Suitable for all pipettes up to 100ml, pipette's joint can be gripped tightly.
SaleBest Choice No. 2
Bel-Art Pipette Pump 10ml Pipettor; Green (F37898-0000)
  • 10mL Capacity
  • Effortless, one-hand operation; rotate thumbwheel for precise dispensing or filling drop by drop
  • Depress plunger for total dispensing
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals
  • Disassemble all parts for cleaning and before autoclaving at 121°C (250°F)
Best Choice No. 3
Manual Pipette Controller, Four E's Scientific Lab Serological Pipette Filler, 0.1-100mL, Yellow
  • Precise pipette control: The aspiration bulb provides rapid filling. Filling and dispensing are easily controlled with a small sensitive lever and the blow-put buttom can discharge the remaining liquid quickly.
  • Replaceable filter: Replaceable hydrophobic filter prevents contamination with the liquid sample and the internal components of the manual pipette controller
  • Wide compatability: Different volume of glass or plastic serological or volumetric pipettes ranging from 1 - 100 mL can be compatible
  • Easy to use: Ergonomic and comfortable design provides one-hand operation.
  • Easy to maintain and clean: Made with materials resistant to acids and alkalis and it's very easy to diassemble for maintaining and cleaning
Best Choice No. 4
Lab Pipettes, Four E's Scientific 25mL Serological Pipette Pump, Red
  • Easy to use: Thumbwheel design provides easy one-hand operation with the pipette pump
  • High accuracy: Precise filling and dispensing can be achieved
  • Quick dispense: Side level allows the entire liquid samples in the 25mL pipettor pump to be dispensed rapidly
  • Wide compatability: Different volume of plastic or glass pipettes can be compatible with the 25mL pipette pump
  • Easy to maintain and clean: Made with materials resistant to acids and alkalis and it's very easy to diassemble for maintaining and cleaning
SaleBest Choice No. 5
Bel-Art Fast Release Pipette Pump III 25ml Pipettor; Red (F37904-0025)
  • Lightweight for minimal hand and wrist strain
  • Thumbwheel for precision operation
  • Ergonomic design reduces awkward pipetting motions
  • Reduces risk of repetitive motion injury
  • Pipettors are acid, alkali and solvent-resistant and can be taken apart for cleansing
Best Choice No. 6
KINNOSE Plastic Pipetting Device Bracket Lab Stand Lab Linear Pipettor Stand Rack Hold Up 5pcs Micropipettes
  • [Material and Size]The package includes 1 pcs. This product is made of HIPS (polystyrene) plastic。 It is 12 inches long and 2.8 inches wide. The tripod is 11.4 inches long and 6.6 inches wide.
  • [Design effect] Tripod double support structure, the bayonet adopts the lock design, stable and stable, and the double-sided can be slanted.
  • [Features] With stable compatibility, the products are injection molded from high-density engineering plastics, resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Lightweight, detachable and easy to carry.
  • [Use] Pipette holder is used to maintain the structure of the pipette and the pipette. It can stably and conveniently suspend up to 5 single-channel and multi-channel pipettes at the same time.
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantee] As a reliable high quality product sold on Amazon, if you are not satisfied with our products within one year, KINNOSE will provide 100% refund service without any reason!
Best Choice No. 7
Scilogex 71000085 Linear Pipettor Stand, Holds up to 6 Pipettors
  • Keep pipettors at hand, clean, organized
  • Holds maximum six pipettors
SaleBest Choice No. 8
Linear Micropipette/Pipettor Stand and Rack, Holds 6 pipettes
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Only 4 push fixtures to set up
  • LOW FOOTPRINT: Won't take much space on your bench
  • STURDY: Strong material can handle 6 pipettors
SaleBest Choice No. 9
Scilogex 74020002 Levo Plus Motorized Pipette Filler
  • Scilogex #: 17000103 replacement 0.45µl hydrophobic filter
  • Scilogex #: 17000144 Replacement 0.2µm sterile hydrophobic filter
  • Scilogex #: 293032 Replacement Lithium battery
  • Scilogex #: 291020 Replacement silicone adapter
  • Scilogex #: 290008 Replacement nose cone
Best Choice No. 10
Heathrow Scientific HS1000RFU RF1000 Manual Pipette Filler, Blue and White
  • Uniquely designed for one-handed operation
  • Tapered silicone rubber pipette adapter allows a large range of pipette sizes range 1-50 mL, Replaceable when worn
  • Accepts common, and readily available replacement filters unlike other pipette aids whose filters are custom. This will help reduce total cost of ownership over time
  • Includes one 0.45 μm filter
  • Autoclavable nose cone assembly

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