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After exploring an incredibly huge number of articles and reviews by our smart AI and ML algorithms; and comprehensive refining, breakdown and infiltration by our qualified hi-tech gurus, the golden shortlist for the Best Qualitative Lab Filter Paper (2020) is finally prepared.

In order to come up with the Best Qualitative Lab Filter Paper (2020), our intelligent platforms and experts have taken many elements into account such as product fitness for use, user-friendly features and give buyer satisfaction, deficiency-free, conformance of standards, affordability, robustness, level of design standards, quality conformance to user requirements and good practises, protection and safety, real user satisfaction and lots of others. It is important to note that each user has different requirements so please use the benchmarking below as a guideline and not as a gospel. Nevertheless, in the below list you can absolutely find the overall best ones regardless of your needs.

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Best Choice No. 1
7 cm Lab Filter Paper, Standard Qualitative Grade 4 - ZENPORE Fast Flow 70 mm (100 Discs)
  • GRADE 4 : 7cm - Equivalent to Whatman qualitative grade 4, standard lab filter paper (70mm)
  • FAST PRE-FILTER - Quickly clean-up biological samples and organic extracts, routine clarification
  • WINE MAKING - Filtration of musts
  • HIGH AIR FLOW COLLECTION - Collect large particulate in fast moving air or fumes
  • COARSE RETENTION / FAST FLOW - Retains coarse and gelatinous precipitates (20~25 micron)
Best Choice No. 2
Whatman 1001-125 Qualitative Filter Paper Circles, 11 Micron, 10.5 s/100mL/sq inch Flow Rate, Grade 1, 125mm Diameter (Pack of 100)
  • 12.5cm
  • Grade 1
  • Covers a wide range of laboratory applications; frequently used for clarifying liquids
  • Areas of use include the food industry, agriculture, air pollution monitoring, and gas detection
  • Widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations
Best Choice No. 3
100 Chromatography Paper Strips - Highest Quality Grade 1 Filter Paper - For Pigment Separation and Science Experiment For Chemistry, Laboratories, Classroom, School, University, Student, Kids 6x.75''
  • 100 Grade-1 chromatography paper strips for the best value and ability to conduct many experiments
  • Size: 6 inches x .75 inch blotting paper perfect size for easy separation experiments and learning
  • Crisp separation & easy to interpret readings (commonly used to separate mixtures of colored inks)
  • Details: Chemistry paper has medium/fast Filtration speed, .17mm thickness, particle retention 11 um
  • Satisfaction guarantee: our products are top quality & come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
Best Choice No. 4
Whatman 1005-090 Qualitative Filter Paper Circles, 2.5 Micron, 94 s/100mL/sq inch Flow Rate, Grade 5, 90mm Diameter (Pack of 100)
  • 9.0cm
  • Grade 5
  • Used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials
  • Has the maximum degree of fine particle filtration (2.5µm) in the qualitative range; capable of retaining the fine precipitates encountered in chemical analysis
  • Slow flow rate; excellent clarifying filter for cloudy suspensions and for water and soil analysis
Best Choice No. 5
Eisco Labs Premium Qualitative Filter Paper, 9cm Dia, Medium Speed (85 GSM), 10μ (10 Micron) Pore Size - Pack of 100
  • Pack of 100
  • Qualitative filter paper
  • 10μ (micron) pore size
  • Medium Speed (85 gsm)
Best Choice No. 6
9 cm Lab Filter Paper, Standard Qualitative Grade 2 - ZENPORE Slow Flow 90 mm (100 Discs)
  • GRADE 2 : 9cm - Equivalent to Whatman qualitative grade 2, standard lab filter paper (90mm)
  • AGRICULTURE - Soil pre-filtration, fertilizer analysis, nutrient absorption in seed tests
  • BREWING TESTS - Beer and malt analysis, removal of turbidity in wort and yeast filtration
  • AIR / GAS FILTRATION - Pollution monitoring of specific atmospheric contaminants, smoke
  • HIGH RETENTION / SLOW FLOW - Retains fine crystalline particles (5~10 micron)
SaleBest Choice No. 7
UPlama 200PCS Qualitative Filter Paper Circles,Lab Supply Ashless Quantitative Filter Paper,94mm Diameter Cellulose Filter Paper with 20 Micron Particle Retention Medium Filtration Speed
  • Filter paper diameter: 94mm
  • Has the maximum degree of fine particle filtration (2.5μm) in the qualitative range; capable of retaining the fine precipitates encountered in chemical analysis
  • Collect large particulate in fast moving air or fumes
  • Filtration Speed: 35 – 70 sec, Ash content: ≤0.15%
  • Compatible with StonyLab Buchner Filtering Funnel - 500ml
Best Choice No. 8
7 cm Lab Filter Paper, Standard Qualitative Grade 1 - ZENPORE Medium Flow 70 mm (100 Discs)
  • GRADE 1 : 7cm - Equivalent to Whatman qualitative grade 1, standard lab filter paper (70mm)
  • LAB FILTER - Routinely used in lab to determine fat content, extract solids and clarify liquids
  • CHEMISTRY CLASS - Filter paper can teach basic qualitative separations and paper chromatography
  • AIR FILTRATION - Collect medium particles for pollution monitoring
  • MEDIUM RETENTION / MEDIUM FLOW - Retains medium crystalline particles (10~15 micron)
Best Choice No. 9
DGZZI Filter Paper 100PCS 15cm Qualitative 102 Medium-Speed FilterPaper for Laboratory Oil Filter Paper
  • Product Name: Filter Paper.Model no. : 102 Medium Speed.
  • Diameter: 15cm/5.9Inch.Maximum aperture: 15-20¦Ìm.
  • Color: White.Quantity: 100PCS.
  • The filter paper needs to be folded into a suitable shape before use, a common method is to fold the filter paper into a flower-like shape.
  • Applications include food industry, agriculture, air pollution monitoring and gas detection
Best Choice No. 10
Membrane Solutions Quantitative Filter Paper Circles, 150mm Diameter Ashless Lab Filter Paper, Fast Speed (20~25μm), Pack of 100
  • Filter paper is composed of cotton fibercellulose filter paper, 150mm Diameter, Fast(20~25μm)
  • Quantitative Filter Paper has little effect on the analysis result, suit for precision quantitative analysis. The amount of ash produced after ashing does not exceed 0.0009%.
  • Quantitive Ashless Filter Paper widely used for quantitative and gravimetric analysis. During the manufacturing, producer use acid to make the paper ash-less and achieve high purity
  • Filter paper is used in conjunction with laboratory holders and funnels, or with paper cones and funnels
  • We can provide Lifetime Support Guarantee and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Have any questions, please contact me promptly.

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