Best Tattoo Gun Machine models for 2021

Best Tattoo Gun Machine models for 2021

A tattoo is a masterpiece that lasts a lifetime. Just like it is a masterpiece for the owner of the tattoo so it is for the artist. For the Tattoo to come just right, the artist must have the best tools at his disposal. For the artist the tattoo machine is his most prized possession as it is what allows him to draw. This article is all about the best tattoo gun machine models out there. Everything from the best beginner tattoo machine to the top gun tattooing models for professionals are listed in this feature. Take a peak and learn all about it.

What exactly is a tattoo gun machine?

A tattoo machine is the paintbrush of the tattoo artist. It is what allows him to draw on the bearers skin their preferred design/artwork. A tattoo gun machine works by injecting special ink into the skin of the bearer which etches a permanent mark. This single dot is combined with thousands of similar injections to create a singular image. By using several techniques, the artists are able to add everything from shading to depth of colour into their tattoo. But for all of this to be done, they should have a proper tattoo machine.

How to pick your tattoo gun machine?

Picking a tattoo machine requires a lot of knowledge and on-hand experience. But to make this simple for the reader and for beginners, we have added this simple buying guide. In this guide you will learn how to pick your own tattoo gun machine 


There are many different types of tattoo machines in the market. The two most common types of tattoo machines are the rotary tattoo machines and the coil tattoo machines. Here we will take a look at each of them as you will most probably pick a model that belongs to either of them unless you are looking for something specific.

Coil tattoo gun machine

There are two types of coil tattoo gun machine models. They are called linear and shaders. The names are quite self explanatory. Linear models are used to add bright, deep markings on the skin. They are mostly used to add contours that are dominant on the skin as outlines and markers. They pass through only once through a particular section of the skin. Shaders are used to add depth to a tattoo. Shader models are used on an area of skin for longer periods of time in order to achieve the proper grading of colour. Shaders are used to fill in the image.

Rotary tattoo gun machine

The tattoos that are done using rotary tattoo gun models last for a really long time. They are really popular with beginner artists and therefore have the best beginner tattoo gun models. These involve a needle that moves up and down to colour the skin. The amount of rotations necessary to successfully etch ink depends on the output. Rotary models are quite easy to handle and are the best beginner tattoo gun models out there.


Certain models allow you to control the tattooing process in varying degrees by changing the mechanics involved. Everything from the speed to the inking volume can be controlled. These allow the artists to make precise and accurate markings on the skin with minimal difficulty. Since tattooing is a long and repetitive process, every bit of comfort and ease of use go a long way.

Build material

Holding a tattoo gun and working on a tattoo is surprisingly hard work. The build materials of your tattoo gun will determine the amount of fatigue you will experience after a period of drawing. Materials that are light for example Aluminum are easy on your hands and tire you out less in the long run, but they are also less durable. Steel tattoo gun machine models are stronger and more reliable. They last significantly longer and can take more beating. It is up to you to pick what you deem is best.

The best tattoo gun machine models

In this section we will give you our selection of tattoo gun models. We have done the research for you and compiled a list of the best tattoo gun machine models out there. Everything from novice tattoo gun machine models to professional picks are included in our list.

Solong Tattoo Kit(wireless)

This is a rotary tattoo gun machine. Even though it is rotary it is advanced enough to suit professionals and easy enough to be handled by beginner tattoo artists. Solong is a reputed manufacturer of tattoo kits and accessories. Therefore you have all the brand security you need. Not to mention that it is cordless/wireless.

This tattoo gun machine set has everything you need to get started. If you are new to this art then this might be the best purchase for you. This has everything you need to get started. 

Some might say that this machine is slower than most professional models out there, which we agree on. But this tattoo gun makes up what it loses in speed with its wide spectrum. Everything from tattoos to permanent makeup can be done using this with ease. A lot of users prefer this model over a coil tattoo gun considering how easy it is to use it.

The kit comes with a rotary tattoo gun and 50 Pcs of cartridge tattoo needles. You are well stocked for a good amount of tattooing sessions. A battery pack to power your tattoo gun and an adapter to charge. The tattoo gun is made using Aluminum which is light and does not overheat unlike most steel models. It is quiet when in operation which adds to the comfort of the artist.

Aluminum BuildSlower than most models
Easy to use

We give this tattoo gun machine a 4.5 out of 5. The speed is what prevented us from giving a full 5 out of 5 stars for it.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

ATOMUS Tattoo gun machine Kit

If you are new to the art and just want a beginner model that does not cost you a wad of cash then the ATOMUS might be for you. For its price the ATOMUS tattoo kit is a steal. But we highly recommend you to buy a set of ink instead of using what comes with the kit.

The rotary tattoo gun works best for beginner artists to moderately experienced individuals. If you are well experienced in the art of tattooing you might this to be lacking in certain areas. But considering its price it is understandable.

We believe this is the best beginner tattoo machine for beauticians. It is great for those who are using this to add touches such as permanent eyebrows. It comes with everything you need to get started. The tattoo set also has a foot pedal which can help you control the tattooing process without overly exhausting your hands. The set includes a power supply and 20 Pcs of mixed cartridge needles. But we advise you to buy a seperate set of ink cartridges.

AffordableBad ink quality.
Foot pedal
Ease of control

We give this model a 4 out of 5. Everything was fine other than the quality of the ink that cartridges that came with the tattoo kit. But considering how cheap the set is, you can always invest in a set of ink cartridges to use with this.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

DragonHawk Complete Tattoo gun machine Kit

For a standard price the DragonHawk tattoo kit comes with two high grade tattoo guns. One a linear and the other a shader. The material used for the build is cast iron. This makes the tattoo gun very durable and resistant to fatigue. There are very few complaints regarding the tattoo gun sustaining damage during use.

It is a top gun tattooing option for beginners. The weight of the tattoo gun might be quite rough for use considering it is made out of cast iron. This makes it quite bad for extended tattooing sessions, but for occasional use and practice this works just fine.

The tattoo kit comes with everything you need to go start with. When we mean everything we mean everything. The set also includes a practice skin which you can use to practice on. It also comes with CDs which are loaded with professional tattoo artists giving advice and teaching techniques for beginners to apply in their work.

This is best for starters, once you have picked up the art you can always upgrade your tattoo set. Considering how low priced it is, you won’t be losing a lot of money if you decide to drop it.

Great for startersHeavy due to cast iron being the material of choice
Has everything you need to get into the art of tattooing. Well worth your money

We give this machine a 5 out of 5. A great option for aspiring tattoo artists and beginners. The inks that come with the set are of very high quality as well, which means you do not have to spend any more on separate cartridges.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Grinder Tattoo Kit

This is an all rounder. The previous models were centered around starters and beginners whereas this is a tattoo kit that suits everyone. If you are looking for an investment to make that will last a good long way in your journey of tattooing, then the Grinder Tattoo Kit might be for you.

It is not terribly expensive at all. The Grinder tattoo kit is very priced considering how versatile it is. The coil tattoo gun machine comes with its own 240 page guide. This free guide is great for beginners who are learning the art. It also includes a set of DVDs that make your newbie life a whole lot easier.

The high grade tattoo gun comes with an extensive set of accessories. Everything from Ink to needles are included in the set. This is a great add-on for professionals as it eliminates the need for you to go to the shop to buy extras. There are 7 bottles of radiant coloured ink manufactured in the USA. Grips, gloves and even a carrying case is included. Great for mobile saloons and artists that require to be mobile.


Works well for beginners and professionals alike.Practice skin is of low quality
Complete set of accessories
Carrying case for mobile work

We give this a full 5 out 5. A top gun tattooing pick for both professional artists and beginners alike.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DragonHawk Mast Pen

This is an option solely built for professional tattoo artists. This top gun tattooing model is all about precision and accuracy, a combination that expert artists love to have.

The japanese engine of the DragonHawk Mast Pen is extremely silent. This makes it very pleasant for artists during those long extended tattooing sessions. Not to mention it is extra light, which reduces fatigue by a huge amount. Less fatigue means better control over your hand which in turn means better quality artwork.

Even though the rotary tattoo gun machine is pretty powerful, it is very comfortable. The gun has an advanced dampening system in place. This reduces the vibrations experienced during drawing. Not to mention its aluminum body rarely gets hot when in use. 

The DragonHawk Mast Pen works with all needle types and cartridges. This means you have a lot of options to go with. If you are a veteran artist and you have specific preferences, you will not need to make compromises.

Light weightNo ink or needles included in the set
Reduced vibrations
Does not overheat
Compatible with every needle/cartridge combination

We give this model a full 5 out of 5 stars. This is a great model for veteran tattoo artists to go with. If you have a lot of clients then the ease of use that this gun provides you with could mean all the difference in the world.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Did you find your tattoo gun machine?

This concludes our list of the top tattoo gun machine models in the market. To make it easy for everyone we have added models to suit different levels of experience. Take a good look at our buying guide which will allow you to narrow your search. if you liked this article you might like our latest feature on the best portable gaming systems and DVD systems for cars. Give it a read you might find it really interesting.

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