DVD Player for TV – A Complete Buying Guide for 2021

DVD Player for TV – A Complete Buying Guide for 2021

DVDs are still a widely used form of multimedia storage. The age old technology has got a few replacements along the way but it has always managed to persevere through them. The affordability and the availability has always made sure that the DVD will be a prominent source of media storage. Even though the DVD was present since the start of the 21st century, you can still see it being used in every PC store in the world. But with how much the form of media has evolved, it might be difficult to find a proper player to meet one’s standards. This is why we have done the research for you. We have curated a list of the best models in the market and what makes them special. Everything from DVD players that record to the best DVD player for flat screen TV, it’s all included on our list. If this feels like something that suits your tastes, be sure to give it a read.

What is a DVD player?

We don’t think there is anyone that has not seen a DVD player before. But for this article we will discuss the definition of a DVD player. This will help us narrow the product criteria being focused in this article. A DVD player is a physical media player that has the ability to play media present on DVD disks. To minimise branching out, we will not take smart consoles into our list. But please remember that these models are best suited to be a DVD player for TV setups. If you wish to enjoy a good ol DVD in the comfort of your vehicle you can refer to our separate feature on the best DVD players for cars.

What to look for in a DVD player for TV

Even though DVD players have already reached the peak of their development there are still key features you need to look out for. In this section we will discuss the best features that you need to watch out for. Since the DVD player has existed for quite a while now, it is is best if you can find yourself a model that covers all the points we present to you.

Max Resolution

The maximum resolution possible on a DVD player determines the quality of your image. If you are looking for a reasonable value then the standard HD resolution should be the minimum you are stooping to at this point. Unless of course you have a very small TV. Larger resolutions can not be played on these as it requires higher CPU power; Something that a regular DVD player cannot provide.

Supported formats.

DVD players are generally backwards compatible on optical storage. This means that you can play everything from CDs to Mp3s. If you are looking for higher quality players then it is best to go with a Blu-ray player as these are the best in the market when it comes to video/image quality. But for any standard setup a regular DVD player for Tv works just fine.


This is where things get decisive. If you want to view anything in HD format then we recommend you buy a model that has a HDMI port. This will ensure that you can enjoy your videos in 1920X1080 along with multi-channel sound. The other factor that you need to consider is getting a DVD player for flat screen TV that has a USB input. This essentially allows you to play a whole lot more given that your DVD player for TV supports the formats. Just or good measure make sure that the DVD player has analog inputs for microphone jacks, you never know when you would need to put a karaoke at home.

Our picks: DVD player for Tv models

In this section we would elaborate on the picks we have chosen. These models were hand picked from the hundreds of choices in the market due to their reliability and quality. We have also shown a great deal of emphasis on the feedback of customers across various E-markets.

Sandoo DVD player

One of the highest rated DVD players on Amazon. It has received positive feedback from over 3500 customers. For something to receive this much praise with very little negativity, it has to be doing something right. Sandoo DVD player for Tv is one of the most prominent models on our list.

The DVD player is not region locked, therefore anyone can use it regardless of where they are located. The best part of this player is that it supports HD or near HD quality. 1080p support is always nice. It has HDMI connectivity in its setup allowing you to experience it without any issue at all.

This player supports everything from DVDs, CDs to U-Disks. This model supports all the formats that an average user might need when viewing something. Therefore formats such as  CD, DVD,VCD,MP3,SVCD are included in its list. It should be noted that the player does not support Blu-Ray disks. Users can even play these formats through their USB. 

The advanced core present in the model will ensure that there is no stuttering of video when in use. Thanks to its memory function, users can easily pick off from where they stopped in a video when resuming playback at a later date.

Highly rated across multiple E-MarketsDoes not support Mp4 playback through USB
Not region locked
Memory function

Overall, we give this model a 5 out of 5. Surely one of the best DVD players in the market if you look at its features and feedback. Sandoo even gives the buyer a 30-day money back guarantee. The compact also provides a 18 month worry-free warranty for its customers.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Pioneer DV-3052

This is in our the best model to go with when it comes to a DVD player for flat screen TV. Other than the fact that it is from one of the leading brands in the world of media playback, it has loads of other positives in itself.

First off. The model supports every form of optical disk in the market that includes SVCDs and VCDs. Thanks to its USB port you can also playback certain digital formats using the player. The digital formats that this player supports are JPEG, MP3, DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VMA.The player can also copy files from the disks inserted to a connected USB.

What separated the Pioneer DV-3052 from the rest is its superior performance. The DVD player is nearly unmatched in this category. It has very good video upscaling that can convert your 720x480p resolution to a proper 1080p to be viewed on your screen. The software present can also enhance certain qualities of the playback such as its color and depth making it richer in tone. Just like its video capabilities, the player also has very good audio compatibility. It has a sound retriever function that can upscale compressed audio formats such as MP3s. The dialogue enhancer will make sure that all dialogues during playback are audible and clear( great when watching vintage titles). Not to mention it has its own music equaliser with built in presets.

Supports a lot of formatsRemote is not something we’d dub easy to use
Great video and audio upscaling
Dialogue enhancer
Music Equalizer 

We give this a 5 out 5. One of the best models in the market to go with.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Majority Scholars

If you are limited in space the Majority Scholars will be a great DVD player for flatscreen TV setups. The region free player has the most compact design of all the models in our listing. It weighs in at only 670g and is nearly half the size of a regular DVD player.

Even though the player is smaller in size do not think it underperforms in any way. The player has everything you would need to have a swell time. The only limiting factor in this model is that it supports a lesser amount of formats. But it still supports all the popular and commonly used one’s therefore using it as your home DVD player won’t be an issue at all.

The player supports HD formats and has the ability to upscale lower resolutions. The HDMI cable comes with the package therefore you do not have to buy one separately. Majority Scholars also supports RCA outputs in case your tv setup is based on it. USB connections are also supported by it, from what we could dig up, it supports most formats out there. Therefore unless you are trying to play a super-rare format that is barely used by anyone you are good to go.

Compact designCertain uncommon formats are not supported.
Supports HD viewings
High ratings by buyers

For our customary rating we give this a 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Jinhoo DVD player

Another highly rated DVD player. This one has been loved by buyers for years and has remained in the top. The Jinhoo DVD player is what we would call a hidden gem. It provides a lot of reliability and features that most models do not have. Even though it is not manufactured by a massive company such as Pioneer, it has still managed to hold its own. This shows its quality and class.

The play is both fast and quiet. This makes it ideal for watching your favorite shows without getting interrupted. It has a high grade drive core which is easily capable of processing all kinds of videos without stutter or lag. 

In terms of connectivity the player supports all three major forms; USB, HDMI and AV. This makes it easy to use with all kinds of TV setups. There are some limitations to its USB which might come as a form of a limitation. The USB only supports drives that are less than 16Gb in size. It also cannot play any MP4 files directly. Other than that, the player can process almost everything.

The player comes with a complete collection of cables therefore you do not need to buy anything extra. Thanks to its 12 month return-policy you are easily insured against any faults. It also has some of the best customer support policies we have seen.

Lag freeLacks MP4 support through USB
12 month return policy
Supports a lot of formats

We give this player a 4 out 5. 

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Sony DVPSR510H

The most cost-effective DVD player if you are looking to go with a brand of a higher tier when compared to the rest. Sony is well known for their prowess in media. This is a player that has been highly rated by users. In fact this is one of the best models if you are looking for a DVD player for smart TV setups. This player has some of the best upscaling we have seen for a budget model.

This slim DVD player is one of the best models out there if you are looking for a budget option from a high-end brand. We picked this specifically as a DVD player for smart TV setups considering how good it is at upscaling videos and enhancing audio. This means that it can easily increase the quality of videos in DVDs to meet HD standards.

The unit weighs less than two pounds and is ridiculously slim. Therefore you can keep this DVD player wherever you wish to, space will never be an issue with this model. The Ultra slim design ensures that it will never be a hindrance to the user. 

The DVD player has the standard compatibility with optical disks. It supports everything that came before Blu-Ray. Even the 8cm DVD is supported. When it comes to formats everything from DivX to Linear PCM are compatible. This will allow you to easily watch movies and listen to music without a worry in your mind.

Users also have the ability to tweak the playback speed of the discs being played. While this is not rare, not many players can do it without heay distortions. This model allows upto 1.5 times faster playback and slow playback. All with minimal distortions and sound.

SlimDamaged optical disks do not run at all
Best upscaling tech in the market
Good playback speed tweaks with minimal distortions

We give this a 5 out of 5. If you are looking for a budget model to go with we heavily recommend this. Plus if you love Sony tech it’s a big plus.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Did you find your ideal dvd player for TV?

Picking a DVD player can be tough considering how old the tech is. But we have managed to curate this list with the best possible choices. If you like something newer in tech be sure to go with a Blu-Ray instead. Be sure to check out our feature on the best DVD players for car setups, enjoy your favourite records on the go!

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