The Benefits of Electric Typewriters & Best Ones For Sale

The Benefits of Electric Typewriters & Best Ones For Sale

Typewriters have been used for nearly a century. A typewriter is a mechanical machine that allows you to type different characters similar to a printer, movable type. A typewriter has a range of keys (similar to a computer keyboard) and each key causes the character to be printed on paper when touched. There is the ink used to ensure that the key produces the character when the key is touched. 

Typewriters in the Past 

Different typewriters feature different features and functions. Some typewriters feature a typebar that corresponds to each key, some other ones use a typeball or disc which has different positions for different characters. As you can imagine, as technology has increased, computers have really taken away the importance and the need for typewriters. 

Before computers, Chicago typewriters were used to mas communicate with different work memos, important information, flyers, news briefings, and for the newspaper. They were essential for getting information out fast and to a wide number of people. As technology has progressed, typewriters have definitely made their way to the back of people’s minds when it comes to writing. Computers are a lot more efficient, allow you to easily change your writing instantly, and have a lot more features and functions. 

That being said, typewriters still actually remain pretty common in different areas in the world and there are still major typewriting companies producing typewriters today. Whether people are interested in typewriter font or lack of features compared to computers, you might be surprised how popular they still are to this day. 

Typewriters Today 

The most common type of electric typewriter for sale today is the electric typewriter or electronic typewriters. Most electronic typewriters have replaced the typeball with a metal or plastic daisy wheel mechanism. This mechanism features a disk with the letter molded on the outside of it. This mechanism also appeared around the 1970s. 

The electronic memory and display of these chicago typewriters allow the user to easily display the errors and correct them before the content was printed. Similar to how you can type something in a word document and fix it before you save the document. Later on down the track, there were options to increase the technology in typewriters and include spelling and grammar checker and adding an internal RAM so you could store documents in the typewriter as well. 

What Is an Electric Typewriter? 

Many news outlets are saying that typewriters may be actually coming back. There are a lot of great reasons why that is. Security, no one being able to hack into your typewriter is a major concern for many people. Computers can get easily hacked, get viruses, and a lot of other issues that make them crash. Typewriters – they’re safe and allow you to easily type away for hours on end. 

Wondering why else people would want to get a typewriter instead of a computer to type your next paper? Check out some of the other reasons down below! 

Why Would Someone Want a Typewriter 

You may be wondering, everything a typewriter can do, a computer can do, and a lot better. There are many reasons why people want to use and still do use a typewriter to this day. 

Why Would Someone Want a Typewriter


Computers have so many other features and functions that it’s nearly impossible to not get distracted by email, Facebook, or online shopping. There is so much constantly happening on traditional computers that it is incredibly easy to get distracted. For someone who knows their weaknesses and knows that they are easily distracted when it comes to getting work done and typing, a typewriter is a great option for them because there’s only one thing for them to do on it- type. 

Think More Carefully 

Most typewriters don’t have a backspace, except for some higher-end electronic models. This makes the user have to stay on track, not go on tangents and really think carefully of their words before typing away. Many people see the quality of their work start to improve when using a typewriter. 

It’s Fun 

There is something so fun when it comes to using a typewriter. Especially if you’re not from a time period that typewriters were the most common way to print text, using a typewriter to get your work done is nearly like going back in time. 

On the flip side, it may also be comforting for some that are more familiar with that piece of technology compared to the high-tech computers and phones that are out there on the market today. 

No Electricity 

Other than electronic typewriters, typewriters are essential for areas of the world where there isn’t electricity readily available. This allows you to type away anywhere and everywhere in the world, regardless if there’s electricity or not. 

Weddings Invitations 

A lot of people like that retro chicago typewriter font and you know the best way to go about that – using a typewriter. For invitations for weddings, thank you cards or anything from birthday cards to baby shower invites, typewriters, and typewriter font are still very popular when it comes to invitations. 

Now that you have a better understanding of typewriters are, how they work and why someone may actually want a chicago typewriter today, even with all the technology we currently have, let’s dive into some of the best electronic typewriters you can purchase online today. 

The Best Typewriters Available Today 

Nakajima WPT-150

Nakajima WPT-150

If you’re looking for an old school experience and don’t necessarily care about the latest technology and advancements when it comes to electric typewriter for sale, the Nakajima WPT-150 may be a good option for you. 

Features that aren’t included in this particular style of typewriter include spell check and an LCD display. The keys do produce a sound that remembers many of the mechanical typewriters. People who are looking to create the old-school experience would really love this feature. 

There are still some aspects to this typewriter like a pretty solid correction system with 90 characters. It also has a programmable choice of 12 different tabulation options and an automatic centering option as well. You can also have bold and highlight text as well. 

If you’re looking for basic features and functions, the Nakajima WPT-150 is a great choice for that. 

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Brother SX-4000 

Brother SX-4000

If you’re looking for something that will allow you to help you type efficiently and minimize errors and still get that old school aspect of a typewriter with some of the newer technology that you would find on computers today. Especially since many people are used to spell check on the computer, opting for a typewriter that has some type of spell check option, would be really beneficial for a lot of people.  

This Brother SX-4000 typewriter has a lot of incredible features as far as typewriters go. This one has an LCD screen that lets you see the worlds as you’re typing them. The 16-character screen definitely makes it easier to proof-read before printing. It’s pretty incredible that the world-spell checking device has a 70,000-word dictionary in it which means that it’s perfect for spell-checking most words. 

There’s an automatic paper insertion that is really seamline and makes the process a lot easier than some other typewriters. Other features and functions include standard automatic carriage return, interchangeable cassette ribbon, automatic relocation after correction, and full line lift-off correction memory. 

At the end of the day, the Brother SX-4000 allows you to quickly and efficiently type of hours on end. The typewriter will do its best to ensure that your producing error-free content and with the machine being ultra-durable like many products from Brother, you’ll be able to use this typewriter for years to come. 

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Nakajima AE-710 

Nakajima AE-710

Another option from Nakajima, this type of model definitely features a bit more functions compared to the more entry-level version we mentioned above. It’s important to note that this model is 17 lbs which makes it not the most portable option when it comes to a typewriter. 

It features a 15” carriage and 11.5” of typing width. It can type up to 12-20 characters per second so it’s fairly speedy when it comes to typewriters. You can also correct and erase words and sentences up to 700 characters which is great for proofreading and minimizing any errors or mistakes. 

There’s additional plastic that allows you to ensure that your paper nor your typewriter collects and dust and allows you to continue working on your content even on different days. 

This typewriter is definitely a popular pick when it comes to professionals in the industry and other types of professionals that want to minimize distractions and get work done quickly and efficiently. 

The Nakajima AE-710 goes in and out of stock often so if you see it available, make sure to snatch it up right away! 

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electric Typewriter 

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electric Typewriter

Electric typewriter for sale is not always the easiest thing to come across and sometimes the pricing is a bit extreme. This Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electric Typewriter may be considered one of those kinds of typewriters. With a variety of features and functions, it’s definitely a great option when it comes to electric typewriters, but it is also on the pricey side – being around $900. 

With that being said, we should get into why someone would want to pay $900 for this typewriter. For starters, this Brother typewriter is extremely impressive. It’s an entry-level model but offers an impressive amount of features and functions. It doesn’t have all features that you may see on a lot of typewriters today, especially because it’s entry-level, but it does have a good variety of functions to get you started. 

It has a 65 character lift-off memory that will allow you to have almost complete freedom similar to your laptop. It’s perfect for writing an essay and a few more papers at the same time and pick up right where you left off. Because of this feature, it makes it great for students and professionals who are constantly typing away. 

There are some downsides to this typewriter including the lack of typewriter fonts or printing pitches as they’re referred to in the typewriting world. In terms of typewriters, this one is rather light and makes it easy to move it around with only being 10 lbs. Not the lightest, but certainly, not the heaviest. 

Overall this typewriter from Brother is one of the best on the market, especially when it comes to entry-level users. If you’re looking for something similar to a computer but perhaps a little bit more old school or to minimize distractions, this typewriter from Brother, ist the perfect option for you. 

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Overall Thoughts 

There are many reasons why someone would want to get a typewriter, even with the amount of technology we have today. If you’re someone who is looking to minimize distractions, have a bit of fun, and enjoy some of the past technology, opting for an electric typewriter for sale is a fantastic option! Although there are still some typewriters being manufactured today, not as many as years ago. So if you’re looking to purchase a typewriter for yourself, chances are you’ll be spending a bit of money – but for many, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

We hope you found this post helpful when it comes to the benefits of using a typewriter and finding the best option for you on the market today. 

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