Best Printers to Print on a DVD or CD- Buying Guide 2021

Best Printers to Print on a DVD or CD- Buying Guide 2021

Are you looking for a way to customize your CD or DVD to give it a more authentic look? Printing out your Logo or or a cover picture will give the disk more authority. Not to mention it will look better. However the quality of the cover depends completely on the printing machine that was used to create it. Which is why you need to use the best possible printer to print on a DVD or a CD. Here we will be looking at the best options for you in the market if you are looking to buy a printer to print on a DVD.

What exactly is a Disk printer?

A disk printer is in fact a regular printer that has the capability to print on a DVD or a CD. However, printing for CD covers requires the printer to have that specific function. This is because printing for CD covers is different from printing on regular paper. These printers are the same models that many use to print studio quality photographs. 

Features to look into

Printer type

When it comes to printer types there are two common types. The first is the standard printer. This is used to print everything from photographs, Disks to even paper based content. If you are looking to buy a printer just to print on the standard paper sizes and functions, it is best to go with this. The second type is the Mult-Fucntion printer. These printers have a lot more functions/features in them. They are a combination of a scanner, photocopier and a printer. An all in-one solution if you require it. These are generally more expensive.

Printer specifications

This is in our opinion the most important part to look into when buying a printer. For your comfort all the models being discussed in the list will have printers with the correct specifications.

There are a few that we deemed were mandatory to be listed here.
The cartridges used. The type of cartridges used heavily influence the quality of the prints. Different inks will bring forth different color properties.

The printer should have a proper printing resolution. A printer with a high enough printer resolution will produce clean, sharp images. The detailing possible on a printer is a valuable aspect of a good disk print.

The print speed is another factor that you need to take into consideration. For a good starting point we recommend a value between 10 and 15 prints per minute. Anything between this is good enough to work with.

Printer support

Is the printer capable of printing designs directly from a tablet or smartphone.

Does it have the ability to connect to an ethernet port? This will allow you to connect a single printer to a network. Most printers in the market use a USB port, but if you are working with a lot of PC’s it is best to select one that has an Etherent port installed.

Our picks

In this section we will be taking a look at the best models in the market. We did the research for you and curated this list of the best printers. If you are looking to print on a DVD or if you are looking for a printer for CD cover making, our list is sure to be of help.


This is our number one choice for small scale printers and for home use. If you are looking to purchase a model that fits the category of printing disks and you are looking to use it in a home, then it is best to purchase a printer that has a wide variety of features. When used in a home, printing for CD covers will not be the only thing you do.

The EPSON XP 630 fits this criteria wonderfully. This is an all-in-one printer that will do almost every job that comes into your mind. Yes, that includes scanning documents. The model even has a copier.

Using the EPSON XP 630 you are able to produce high resolution images through scanning. This means if you ever want to scan a design that you want to print to a disk, the EPSON XP 630 will make quick work of it. But it also has some high tech features that traditional scanners do not have such as cloud storing. All images that you scan can be automatically saved/shared through Cloud. It even has some direct we-printing facilities that make your life so much easier.

The model is also very reasonably priced and this is another positive factor that made us class this as the best model for home use. It is worth every penny and you are not getting milked on through useless features that you will never use.

Lots of featuresQuite loud when printing
Very reasonably priced
High quality scans
Dual loading trays

We give this a 5 out of 5. If you are looking to buy a printer that can print on a DVD, this will be your best bet. The only con we faced was its loudness. But it is not something that will affect the performance of the printer.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Brother MFC-J880DW

If you are looking for a wireless printer that works well with almost all tablets and smartphone models, then this might be what you were searching for. The Brother MFC-J880DW is what we believe the best wireless printer for home use. Not only does this model work well with most devices wirelessly, it also has cloud and NFC support. Wireless printers do not come cheap but this model has a very modest price for its features.

Even though the printer comes at a higher than average cost,it has everything that you would need. The mobile and Cloud based printing is something that will be used quite consistently in office environments, therefore it is an excellent addition. The NFC touch to connect feature brings a lot in terms of convenience and security.

What we loved the most was its Amazon Dash feature. Ever had that problem where you started a project and suddenly ran out of ink because you forgot to check the levels? You will not have that issue thanks to Amazon Dash. It will constantly monitor the toner level and then order refills when it gets low. 

Has everything you would needQuite expensive
Amazon Dash feature
NFC support

We give this printer a 4.5 out of 5. While it has everything you would need in an office or home environment, it does cost a few hundred more than a regular printer. We felt that it might not be optimal.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars


This is the best all-rounder on our list. It is very well priced and comes loaded with features that gives it the number one spot. The wireless printer does an exceptional job at printing which is its primary job.

First off we have to mention its Micro Piezo Technology. This is a new technology that is different from the traditional printing heads in service right now. It uses microscopic piezoelectric components to create a system behind the printer nozzles. When a charge is applied it will release accurate amounts of ink to colour the medium being used. This means you will get highly quality printouts without any form of blurring or spotting. The best part is how it will extend the lifespan of the nozzles. In fact the lifespan becomes equal to that of the printer.

The printer has a really good printing speed. For example a photo of size 4×6 inches can be printed in less than 12 seconds. For an inkjet printer that is an impressive speed. Since the printouts are both smudge and water-resistant, they can immediately be stored. This is a big issue as traditional inkets printouts need time to dry out.

The printing resolution of this printer is 5760×1440 dpi. The ink capacity is 1.5 picolitres per droplet. The printer is also very compact in design. Which means you can easily store it anywhere you want.

Touch controlsOperational costs are higher than average
Piezo technology
Water-resistant and smudge resistant printouts

We give this printer a full 5 out of 5. If you are looking for a wireless model that gives something above the ordinary, this will be it. We do recommend this over the Brother MFC unless you work in a busy office.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Canon MX 922

Why would you buy the Canon MX 922 over the other models in the market. Because of its incredible performance. The Canon MX 922 produces some of the highest quality printouts of all the models we have listed out here. The model supports printouts upto 9600×2400 dpi. Considering that most models out here do not go above 5760×1440, this is an incredible number.

When printing for CD covers there might be instances where the design requires incredible precision. For such a scenario the Canon MX 922 is sure to be of great use. The images are crisp. From the sample printouts we have observed, we have yet to see a single blurry line. If the logo you are about to print on a DVD has a lot of fine edges/designs this printer will create an impressive work out of it.

The printer also has a higher than average tray capacity. This means that you do not have to fill up the tray ever so often. 250 sheets per printing session is a lot. The printer also has a 35 sheet duplex printing capability. This will allow you to have a smooth printing session with minimal jams.

The printouts that the Canon MX 922 creates also have an impressive lifespan. From what we were able to dig out, an average photo printed has a lifespan of 300 years. This means that when you are printing for CD covers you can expect it to last for a really long time.

High resolution printingSlower printing speed
250 Sheet capacity per session
Prints are long lasting
35 sheet duplex printing capacity

For this printer we give it a 5 out of 5. The only con we found was its lower printing speed. But we think you would mainly buy this for its higher resolutions rather for its faster speeds. There are other models on the market if you value speed over quality.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

EPSON Expression Photo XP-8600

Being able to directly print on a DVD or having a dedicated printer for CD cover making is a great investment if you regularly embark in it. Even though the printer has the special feature of being able to directly print on disks it still has variety in it. For an affordable price, the EPSON XP 8600 gives everything a student or office worker needs for their regular work.

The sleek design of the EPSON XP-8600 makes it fit any office or working environment. It is compact enough to fit on any regular desk or work space. The touch control system is sure to be of use. We liked the feedback that buyers left on how it was much easier than using buttons.

The printer can also be controlled through most mobile devices in the market. This means that it is not a must to have a PC to have maximum control over your printer. Users can control the printer through the Creative Print application. This app is available on both Android and IOS. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone, tablet or a PC, you can always have full control over the functions of the printer.

Can be controlled by mobile devicesAverage printing speed
Touch controls
Supports CD-DVD printing by design
Compact design

We give this printer a solid 4.5 out of 5. Even though it is capable of producing high quality printouts on both DVDs, CDs and paper, it has an average print speed. Therefore we could not give it a full 5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Did you make your pick?

This wraps up our article on the best machines when printing for CD covers. Make sure to read the buying guide before making your pick. In case you found this feature interesting, you might also like our latest article on the best blu-ray drives and Car DVD players. Give it a read !

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