The Benefits of Writing with Digital Pens & Best Ones Available

The Benefits of Writing with Digital Pens & Best Ones Available

Digital pens are taking the tech world by storm. If you’re used to your standard jet pens you may be surprised to say goodbye to the jet pens and hello to the new world of digital pens. Hey – jet pens are great! But digital pens are making people’s day-to-day life easier whether you’re a business professional or a full-time student, you can benefit from a digital pen. If you have no idea what a digital pen is, you’re not alone. In this post today, we’re not only going to go through what a digital pen is, how it works, common characteristics of good quality digital pens, but also some of the digital best pens for drawing and writing on the market today. 

We hope that at the end of this post you not only see the true benefits of purchasing a digital pen for yourself but understand the ins and outs when it comes to all things digital pens for drawing or for writing. 

To get started, it’s probably important to define what exactly a digital pen is. 

What is a Digital Pen

To define a digital pen, it’s pretty much exactly what you think. The definition of a digital pen is an input device that captures the handwriting or brushstrokes and converts handwritten analog information created using “pen and paper” into digital data, enabling the data to be utilized in various applications. This type of pen is usually used in conjunction with a digital notebook or device like an Ipad. 

A Smartpen is more specific than a digital pen; this one satisfies the same basic characteristics, but also has other features like voice recording or text scanner and is similar to what you see today with the Apple Pencil. They are also extremely popular when it comes to graphic design and creating artwork on devices as well. 

A smart pen is generally larger and has more features than an active pen. Digital pens for drawing typically contain a wide variety of simple features like touch sensitivity, input buttons, memory for storing handwriting data, and transmission capabilities.

digital pens how they work

A digital pen is known as a type of gadget that many people find extremely useful whether they’re a professional or a full-time student just looking for an easier way to transfer their notes from pen and paper to their computer. With these digital best pens, you’re able to write texts, draw sketches, sometimes record voice messages, and keep all this information on output devices with an option to copy it to other technology like iPads, smartphones, and other similar devices.

After data digitizing, it can be sent to your computer for further editing and allow you to share the notes or information with other people as well. Some digital pens for drawing are designed to work in a wireless mode so that the written information could be exchanged in real-time. Even if a pen doesn’t support a wireless connection, it still has a storage option where you can still from where the data can transport the data between computers and technology seamlessly.

Common Characteristics of Digital Pens 

As you now know, a digital pen is known as an input device that captures the handwriting data, that, once digitized, can be uploaded to a computer and displayed on other tech devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets. 

Some pens are equipped with a digital recording device that allows users to use them as intelligent Dictaphone. They can be used, for example for students to record the voice of the master while taking notes and is incredibly useful when it comes to college students reviewing for tests or wanting a refresh on the upcoming assignment. 

Things to Consider 

How Compatible It Is With Other Devices 

If you plan on purchasing your first digital pen, there are a variety of different things you need to consider whether it’s going to be compatible with not only your current lifestyle and needs but also the technology you are already using. You don’t want to purchase something that isn’t compatible and then you either have to replace all your other equipment or the pen turns out to be practically useless. 

 Some pens are compatible with specific tablets and smartphones such as the Apple Pencil which is designed to work with Apple products,  while others can work with only laptops and PCs for specific brands will. These are the key aspects of being aware of and find a pen to meet your daily needs as well as your technology needs as well. There is a countless universal digital pen that is compatible with a wide range of different tablets and PCs is an ideal option for graphic designers who work on screens of a different size. To pair a pen with your existing technology, you can traditionally use either a USB cable or Bluetooth connection to pair the devices together. 

It’s great because most digital pens have some sort of internal storage too, which gives you access to record your data now and transfer it later on.

digital pens and how they work

Features and Functions 

With technology always changing and improving, as you can imagine, there are a lot of different digital pens out there with a lot of different features and functions. Below you will find some of the best features and functions out there and things you should consider when searching for your new digital pen. 

  • If it allows you to access and work with graphic editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which are some of the most popular digital graphic editing programs out there. 
  • Some smartpens can reduce pictures to layers. This feature will come in handy for designers who often need to draw and work on the go.
  • There are also universal pens that can be used as styluses too. Such pens have a special cap on the top compatible with sensor displays.
  • To be able to store items on your digital pen and how much can you store on the pen. 
  • If you make notes every day, you can use the Evernote application in order not to forget about the most important.
  • It’s important to think about the battery life too and can truly make all the difference if the pen is able to deliver what you need it to deliver. 


A lot of digital pens today have some accessories or digital pen inclusions. Especially if your digital pen actually uses ink, like a lot of them do, looking for a set that comes with additional refill cartridges so that you always have a spare on hand to refill the pen on time, especially if you use it often this can be extremely useful. Digital pens come packed with USB cables and transportation cases. If you want to save and extend the life of your pen, carrying it in a case is important. And convenient too. 

The Best Digital Pens on the Market Today 

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

If you’re looking for a great, standard digital pen with a variety of features and functions, the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen is a great option. Except for main functions usually performed by a digital pen, this model has some additional options which will appeal to many people. There are 2 GBs of internal memory, hence the name of the smartpen. This amount of storage space is great and enough for keeping your texts and sketches until you transporting them to through to your computer. 

However, if you think that this amount of memory isn’t sufficient, you can decide to upgrade instead to a pen with 8 GBs of internal memory that’s also available from the company as well. The fact that this smart pen features a  built-in microprocessor guarantees a smooth and quick operation of the pen and makes it extremely user friendly. 

Another aspect that we love, it’s also possible to record notes and then listen to them from the built-in speaker. This makes it great for college students looking for a refresher from their latest lecture. Don’t worry – you don’t have to listen to the lecture out loud for everyone to hear, you can simply attach headphones which makes the use of this pen even more convenient. And if you want to have a break at work or just entertain yourself, you can download a special application that imitates piano keys and allows playing and listening to music through the speaker. The manufacturer has also created several interfaces with different languages so that you could use the gadget in the most convenient way.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Neo Smartpen N2

Neo Smartpen N2

If you’re looking for a fast and easy access a world of information, look no further! 

In order to take efficient digital notes, a digital pen shouldn’t be always connected to smart gadgets – you can write down necessary information whenever you like. Everything you’ve written down is going to be saved in the internal memory which can store up to 1,000 sheets of handwritten text. This is great if you don’t want to travel with your device with you at all time. After all, especially if you’re a college student, book bags are heavy enough as it is. If you don’t need to bring your laptop to the lecture, you might as well leave it at your dorm and save your back the added weight.  Some other aspects that make your life a little bit easier, you can create tags that linked to the important pages; this way the search will be easy and quick. You can perform all these operations on smart gadgets compatible with iOS and Android operating systems via a Bluetooth connection.

Evernote is one of the most common applications to use with digital pens and almost act as a personal assistant organizing and keeping everything in one place.  This app is designed specifically for keeping notes made in the form of both handwritten and digital texts, a picture, or a voice record. Moreover, the notes may consist of several files. You can also sync this pen with Google Drive via the Neo Notes app and keep all your information in cloud storage. In addition, the pen is smart enough to transcribe your texts into 15 languages.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Apple Pencil 

Apple Pencil

You can’t talk about smartpens or digital pens without talking about the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil features the precision, responsiveness, and natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument and the versatility to become so much more.

With Apple Pencil,  just like a lot of other smartpens or digital pens, you can turn the iPad into your notepad, canvas, or just about anything else you can imagine. This particular model is compatible with 9.7-inch iPad Pro (Previous Model), 10.5-inch iPad Pro (Previous Model), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st Generation – Previous Model and 2nd Generation – Previous Model), iPad Air (3rd Generation – Latest Model), iPad (6th Generation – Previous Model and 7th Generation – Latest Model) and iPad mini (5th Generation – Latest Model) but there are a lot of other models out there as well so you can find the model right for you and your existing Apple Products. 

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Overall Thoughts 

When it comes to finding the right piece of technology, there are so many options out there, even when it comes to digital pens. If you’re looking for a digital best pen or a smartpen, we hope that this post not only helped you learn more about what exactly a digital pen is but also important things you should consider when shopping for a digital pen. Lastly, we hoped that our reviews helped you narrow down and made your selection a little bit easier when it comes to finding the perfect pen for you and your needs. 

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