The best car DVD players- Complete Buying Guide for 2021

The best car DVD players- Complete Buying Guide for 2021

DVD players for cars are not a new concept. It has existed for quite a while now ever since the idea of mobile entertainment became popular. Car DVD players are the way to go if you love watching something on the way. Some might think that this technology has gotten obsolete, but trust us when we say that it definitely is not. Newer models of car dvd players allow everyone to do much more than just watching a DVD. You can learn about the best car dvd players and what they do in this article. Just give it a quick read through.

Why would you need a car DVD player?

While for most a car DVD system would be a way to kill some time waiting for someone or when they are stuck in traffic, Modern DVD systems do much more than that. While watching a DVD is certainly possible it allows users to do much more. Most of the models we have chosen are equipped with HDMI cables and are even compatible with gaming consoles. Therefore if you have a Nintendo Switch which is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market, you can easily convert it into a home gaming system. In this article we managed to shift through the internet in order to find the best dvd system for car that fits this criteria.

What to look for?

Just as any other device or setup, car DVD players have certain features that you need to look out for when making the purchase. If you manage to nag yourself a player that has all or most of what is mentioned below, we can say that you have made a good choice. This section is a mini guide on what to look for in the best car DVD players.


The Size of the DVD player is definitely one of the if not the most important aspect of the setup. This is what decides where you can place it. Pay close attention to the diagonal size of the DVD player, this is what comes to be the most decisive factor. If it is too large, it might not fit on the seat or might overhang too much from the top.


When going with the resolution for your car DVD player, we advise you to go with something standard. The most conventional resolution is 800×480 pixels. This will allow you to view 720p videos without any downscaling of quality. There are models that have resolutions as high as 1024×800. If you feel like you need the added quality be sure to go with one of those instead. 

Sound playback

This is not something that is terribly important as most of you will connect the DVD player to the vehicle’s main sound system. However, if you do not want to do this,it is best to go with a model that has standalone speakers. All the models have headphone support, therefore if you want to enjoy the playback alone you certainly can.


This is what allows you to integrate the DVD system to the media system in your car. The different connections are what allows you to connect your gaming console, camera’s and different accessories into it. We recommend you to pick something that has at least the bare minimums to function properly.


The mount style is what decides where you can keep your DVD player. The two most common mount types are behind on the back of the seat’s headrest and on the top of the roof. Pick whatever you wish is better. The most popular type is the overhead roof mount, but if you are thinking of attaching a gaming console then it is best to go with a headrest mount instead.


The best car DVD players

This section contains our list of the top car DVD players in the market. We went through every major market place in order to curate this list. The models selected are both rated highly by customers and have a high market value. This is to make sure that the choices included are not picked off of inflated ratings on e-markets.

Xtron 2X 10.1

the best car dvd players

This is the ideal all-rounder for the average user. It is in the mid range when it comes to pricing and has a good number of positive features. We recommend this for everyone who isn’t exactly sure of what they want but want to make sure that they cover every important aspect.

This is probably the best DVD system for car when it comes to versatility. It has everything one would need to have in a car dvd player. That includes an HDMI port and IR connections. The mounting style is a traditional back of the headrest mount. The package comes with everything you need to mount it therefore you don’t need to wrack your brains on how to get it done. 

The display of the DVD player is 10.i inches in diameter. This is larger than what you would normally find in the market. The larger size does mean that it will take more space but it will also open more options for you. Better looking media playback is one. Not to mention that you would actually be able to enjoy your gaming consoles.

The resolution of the system is a bit low considering it is only 1024x 600. If you want a screen with higher resolution we have an option for you below. Even though the resolution available for the Xtron is the standard super wide VGA, it is still enough to get by. You might see some pixelations but definitely better than all the other cheaper models out there.

The price for the Xtron is very modest and stands under $200 at the time of this writing. This sits very comfortably at the mid-price range of car DVD players. Not too cheap but definitely affordable.

1 year warrantyLower resolution than most high-end players
Supports all major ports/connections such as HDMI, USB and SD cards
Modest price

We give this player a 4 out of 5. The only issue that made us cut off a point was the players possibility to create picelations due to its lower resolution. However,you probably would not find anything better for this price.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Wonnie 10.5 DVD Player

the best car dvd players

This comes in cheaper than the Xtron but it does have some minor reductions when compared to the latter. If you do not have the need to have an HDMI connection, then this will be a better alternative.

The Wonnie DVD player is comparatively large with its 10.5 inch display.But to back up the large display it also has an impressive resolution. The 1280 X 800 resolution compliments everything quite well. 720P HD resolution is very good for a DVD player. The DVD player also comes with a slave monitor that can be connected to the main player to another input.

The model comes with its own stereo sound. This is good if you are not planning on connecting the DVD player to the main audio system in the car. The player also comes with two IR headphones that can be connected to the main unit in order to playback sound.

The battery capacity of the unit is around 2300 mAh. That is right this unit can power itself after charging its battery through the vehicle’s power unit. This means that you can safely power down your car without interrupting anyone. The playback is 5 hours for a single display and around 3 hours for simultaneous displays.

The company provides the buyer with a 365 day refund if they encounter a reasonable fault which essentially makes the purchase completely safe.

Dual screensNo HDMI
720P HD resolution
2300 mAh battery
365 days return policy

Overall, we give this a 4.5 out of 5. The lack of HDMI is the reason why this model comes cheaper than most. 

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Naviskauto 10.1

dvd system for car

For some, having a 1080P display is an absolute necessity. This is understandable considering it is the standard display quality out there. We picked this just for you. The Navisakauto is a rare model among the countless DVD players out there.

This dvd system for car comes with 2 standalone players. Unlike most other models, the secondary display is not a slave monitor. It works independently from the other, which means two people can easily enjoy it without any problem at all. The clamshell design makes it really easy to change disks.

Naviskauto is the best DVD player for the car if you plan on adding a gaming console into the gist. The 1080P resolution compliments modern day consoles really well. Just plug in the HDMI port and you are good to go. The player supports almost every standard format out there when it comes to optical disks and even has its own micro card reader.

Fixing the Naviskauto is very easy as it does not require any additional tools. The player can be mounted on the back of the headrest using its mounting bracket. There is no need to screw in anything, just clip everything together and you are good to go.

1080P displayQuite expensive
The two players are standalone No inbuilt battery
HDMI inputs
Easy to mount
Remote control

We give this player a 5 out of 5. If you can spare the extra $50 then this has to be the best choice amongst the lot. 

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Fangor 10

dvd system for car

Not everyone wants to spend quarter a grand on a DVD player. Which is why we picked the Fangor 10 just for you. It has everything you need without a few luxury features. This affordable model is the best DVD player for the car if you are looking to get something without breaking the bank and losing too much in features.

The two monitors are interconnected where one is the slave of the other. This means that the two monitors will always play the same movie. It has a resolution of 1024×800 which is not terribly bad given its price. From what we were able to dig up, the screen does not showcase anyform of heavy pixelations.

The lithium-ion battery of the DVD player can support a single screen for upto 5 hours. But when both are functioning the uptime is reduced to 2.5 hours each. Each display comes with an AC adapter and a car charger to juice it back up. Using the AV out cable you can easily sync this to an external display if you need to broadcast it.

The fangor 10 contains a bracket type mounting mechanism. They are very easy to mount and are very stable. You do not have to worry about them falling off during sudden brakes. The whole setup gets a 365 refund period given that you have a valid reason, which essentially makes your purchase risk free once again.

Affordable Lower resolution
365 day refund period
Stable mount

For our customary rating we give this a 4 out of 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Sylvania SDVD1037

best dvd player for the car

This is the best dvd player for the car if you want to keep your budget below $100. The Sylvania DVD player has the bare minimums that you need to get everything running. Even though it has a price tag lower than most it still has some of the best ratings we have seen on the internet. 

The model comes with a high resolution 10-inch screen. The LCD screen is surprisingly higher quality than what we expected. The second screen of the setup is a slave screen which means it can only broadcast what is being played on the main dvd player.

It has a card reader for you to play media from a SD, MMC or a USB storage.It supports all the optical disks that are from the generations before the Blu-Ray. The rechargeable battery present in the DVD system for car can keep it running for 5 hours on a single screen.

The whole setup comes with a bundle of accessories that complete it. This includes various cables such as a Av cable, car cord, remote control and much more.

Very affordableThe stereo speakers of the DVD player are not that great. But you can always connect the audio to the main sound system in the car.
Good screen quality
Battery backup
Remote control

We give this a 5 out of 5. This is quite amazing for the price tag it holds. For under $100 you get a complete DVD system for car.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Made your pick from the list of the best car DVD players?

If you read through our buying guide and went through our list you should have been able to make a pick for yourself. To widen the range that our readers may opt to, we have chosen different models that compliment different aspects. If you liked this article you might like our feature on the best DVD players for Tv, give it a quick read you might find something you like.

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