Windows 10 Mobiles : The Best Choices To Go With In 2021

windows mobile phones

Windows 10 Mobiles : The Best Choices To Go With In 2021

In the upcoming world, a mobile phone has gone from a mere item to an essential need. We all no doubt use our phones on a daily…no wait on an hourly basis. The more that phones develop, the more we seek for multi-purpose phones with high quality. For this we introduce you to the wide selection you can have through windows 10 mobiles. Through our analysis you can finally decide which windows phone is most suitable for you.

How to choose from a selection of mobiles?


The duration that your battery of your ideal mobile should be your first quality to look for in any mobile. If you are a mobile gamer or if you enjoy scrolling through your multiple feeds of social media, you will obviously prefer a high battery capacity. This feature is not limited for just such situations. Imagine you need to go on a long trip or on a hike that lasts over 2 days. This feature would come in very handy. The battery capacity is measured in mAh[milliampere-hours]. This may display on your phone screen through battery voltage or watt-hours.

Depending on your specific needs, if your work schedule requires you to be less time on the phone, you could easily be satisfied with a 2500mAh capacity smartphone. Otherwise you can go for the higher ones. Windows 10 mobiles have a wide range of such features that you can specifically pick out to suit you best.


Who wouldn’t prefer a mobile which works really smooth and comfortably? Gaming with no lagging, wouldn’t that be ideal? For anybody who looks for the smooth functioning in a mobile specially in playing advanced games would need to purchase smart-phones with a strong GPU and CPU with proper RAM. You must note that containing multiple cores, would facilitate the performance levels of a particular phone. This feature would be advantageous not only for gamers, but even if you are a person that depends on the phone extensively running through multiple apps at the same time.

In times as such it is crucial to look for the CPU clock speed as it reassures the task performance rates of the CPU. Of course, not to forget the importance of the RAM. The higher the value of the RAM, the more that you can count on proper multi-tasking functions.

This aspect will be properly addressed when we present to you a various selection from the best windows 10 mobiles. Comparatively, the modern android phones can be beaten by Windows phones in this area as it has the adequacy of even less than 1GB of RAM for fundamental performance tasks of the mobile phone.


Last but not least, another most vital aspect to buying a mobile phone is its display quality. All sorts of displays exist: OLED, AMOLED, TFT-LCD to name a few. As phones come in all shapes and sizes, it needs mentioning that a larger screen will enable you to view clearly and more effectively. You can quite easily flip through apps such as email, documents, presentations viewing them all at the same time. Windows 10 mobiles, allows you a grand selection in shapes and sizes.

Next when it comes to the quality, you should look for both display resolution and the panel technology. To clarify, android and windows mobiles mostly resort to 1920×1080 pixels maximum resolution views. This is also known as Full HD displays. You may question how does the panel technology exactly come in here? Panel technology is basically what adds colors, adjusting contrasts and the ability of viewing an image in various angles. So now you can see that this panel technology feature too highlights the importance of display when searching for your ideal mobile phone.

IPS technology is to be the most recommended in this field as it has just the right blend of colours, contrast and viewing angles as is promoted through windows 10 mobiles.

Special features of Windows 10 mobiles

Firstly, When it comes to the physical attractiveness of phones, we can say with a guarantee that windows 10 mobiles surely are one of the best. It has gained this position and trust of customers by its modest and elegant design.

Secondly, while Android and iOS are competingly good, the windows 10 mobiles are vouched to be lightweight and efficient, and in such pretext is a leading competitor.

Thirdly, it is also necessary to mention that windows 10 mobiles were the first to allow us to use online maps, while being offline. It increases our accessibility in this manner and simplifies our day-to-day activities.

Fourthly, windows 10 mobiles were also the first contenders to introduce free cloud storage. Imagine not to having to worry about deleting precious files in order to make space in the phone. While other phones too have adopted this technique, it is undeniable that windows 10 mobiles are in the lead.

Our Choices for you

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (RM 1085)

windows 10 mobiles


  • Battery is 3340 mAh
  • Storage is 3GB RAM & 32GB internal storage
  • Display is 5.7’, AMOLED & resolution WQHD 2560×1440 pixels
  • Camera is front and back 5 Mega pixels & 20 Mega pixels respectively
  • OS Version is Windows 10 mobile.

What is the most noticeable when you buy this phone? The Lumia model is deemed outstanding for its windows smartphone flagship with a remarkable display. This display is also promoted by its AMOLED panel which captures even the intricate colours of images. It will definitely be a new experience for you. Physically, while maintaining a fairly large size, it also is firm and you may hold it within your palm as it fits quite comfortably. The 3 GB of Ram also proves itself to be useful in running various applications.

Another much admirable feature of this product of the Windows 10 mobiles is its graphics chip which would allow you to play highly advanced games with a constant rate of FPS. It works quick and efficiently with no lag.

The fact that this model may act as a GPS navigator is another noticeable feature since it most accurately aids you on a pre-defined pathway of the map. This smartphone also contains a 3.5 mm port if you want to listen to some music on your headset on the phone. The pretty much gist of this item is that it literally acts as a mini laptop, inclusive of a free docking station and with the additional continuum technology you can even connect a mouse and a display screen to your phone.

This product is our best selection for you. The only minor flaws that it has is common to all devices with built-in batteries resulting in the issue of battery discharge. However, this can be countered by having a power bank and you are good to go. Apart from this, the lack of a finger print scanner may pose a concern to security of your phone. This too is a minor flaw which will not be an issue if you have a strong password.

In our rating this device as one of the best windows 10 mobiles, deserves the rating of 4.5 out of 5

Optical image stabilizationBattery discharge
Smooth and efficientUnavailability of a finger print scanner
Works as a mini computer 
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Nokia Lumia (1520)

windows 10 mobiles


  • Battery is 3400 mAh
  • Storage is 2GB RAM & 16GB internal storage
  • Display is 6.0’, IPS LCD & resolution Full HD 1920×1080 pixels
  • Camera is front and back 1.2 Mega pixels & 20 Mega pixels respectively
  • OS Version is Windows Phone 8.1

When addressing the fundamental features, while older versions of Windows mobiles did not possess good performance hardware, through this model, you would witness an impressive processor along with a wide perfect display. If you’re a movie person, this is one of the most ideal windows 10 mobiles for you. Its full HD resolution is to take compliments for this. Even if you’re outside at a park on a sunny day, you will be able to clearly view the pictures on the screen with minimum color distortion.

If you are looking for the perfect camera to capture your beauty you need to look no more, as its 20-megapixel camera simplifies the whole process of capturing rather high-quality photos. So, you can make sure to take this handy devise with you on outings, to take a decent family/friend photographs and even for nature photography.

Now to the most crucial aspect of this phone, it is the multi-tasking ability that will mesmerize you. You may open multiple applications, even within separate windows and at the same time display it on your phones so that you can have access to all at once. This is a very specific feature, unavailable in different mobile operating systems.

This model can also be distinguished from other mobiles, when it comes to the quality of its playing the role of a digital audio player. In this aspect, it has a very rich audio processing capacity and you will always have the option of listening to music either through your headphones or the phone speaker. Even the location of the audio port of the hands-free set is quite convenient for a person to simply operate the phone with ease inside the pocket. Why bother buying an audio player when you have this piece of art?

The only issue in this device arises if you take videos amidst bad lighting, which is an easily evadable problem. So we give this product as well a rating of 4.5

Ideal high-quality displayLow quality videos if bad lighting
Perfect camera qualityEarphones that come with device not as ideal as device.
Plays role of a digital audio player 
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Nokia Luma (1020)

windows 10 mobiles


  • Battery is 2000 mAh
  • Storage is 2GB RAM & 32GB internal storage
  • Display is 4.5’, AMOLED & resolution Full HD 1920×1080 pixels
  • Camera is front and back 1.2 Mega pixels & 41 Mega pixels respectively
  • OS Version is Windows 8 Mobile

If you are all about the quality and keeping up with the modern trendy apps while also keeping an eye on the budget this may be the ideal mobile phone for you. The camera of this product is exceptional and deserves praise as you could even zoom 4x closer without getting a fuzzy unclear image. You could even resort to landscape photos which will widen the scope of your photo and would be ideal in photographing beautiful sceneries. 

However, you may have to make sure you don’t overload the space with photos and manage adequate space for other important files that you need. The lack of a memory card slot may be a downside if you’re an excessive photographer. But do not fear as the cloud storage feature will come to your service. Another small issue that you might face is its battery capacity. However, this too is not very low and you may find it quite enough.

Apart from very trivial flaws, this product has to be commended for its 2GB RAM power along with its dual-core processor. As another one of the commendable windows 10 mobiles, we rate this product a 4 out of 5.

Exceptional camera qualityLack of a memory card slot
A strong RAM power and dual-core processorComparatively low battery capacity
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Nokia Lumia 650 (RM-1154)

windows mobile phones


  • Battery is 2000 mAh
  • Storage is 1GB RAM & 16GB internal storage
  • Display is 5.0’, OLED & resolution Full HD 1280×720 pixels
  • Camera is front and back 5 Mega pixels & 8 Mega pixels respectively
  • OS Version is Windows 10 Mobile

The budget Lumia 650 model maintains an interesting new feature, being its metal case. This does not only add a sense of professionality to the phone, but also adds to the phone-life due to its firm protective coat of metal.

Don’t you get annoyed when you miss the notification tones due to the muffled sound notification when the phone is placed on the table. In this model, the phone’s speaker being located on the bottom front panel adds a unique quality to the mobile as it is placed in a rather organised manner that you could hear more clearly, whether it be a video, or a call.

Further, the struggle of having to fight with the phone to remove its back-cover won’t be a problem, as it can easily be slid apart with easy access to the SIMs and memory card slots.

Another most commendable feature would be its internal storage, which can be expanded even further using a microSD slot, even up to 200GB. Wouldn’t this be enough to have a saga of movies and tv series stored inside?

The only problematic aspect of this phone would be its raw basic performance as it is not advised to be used for heavily loaded applications. Apart from this, overall, this can be recommended as one of the appraisable windows 10 mobiles, and deserves a 4 out of 5 rating.

Easily accessible and proprietary technologyCannot be used for heavily loaded functions.
2 sim card slots 
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Nokia Lumia 640 LTE (RM-1072)

windows mobile phones


  • Battery is 2500 mAh
  • Storage is 1GB RAM & 8GB internal storage
  • Display is 5.0’, IPS LCD & resolution HD 1280×720 pixels
  • Camera is front and back 0.9 Mega pixels & 8 Mega pixels respectively
  • OS Version is Windows 8.1 Mobile

Of course, this would be the best choice if you have a limited budget as it includes all the basic features, and you may manipulate this device with such ease. The 1GB RAM, although not too high might be just enough for you if you do not expect to use up your storage much.

The 3G communication is another commendable feature. If fast Internet is in your checklist, tick that box right away as the cell network connectivity helps you to easily communicate despite your location.

If smooth functioning is important to you, the onboard quad-core CPU will impress you with its consistent running. The display is also quite impressive as it provides for a four-point operation, which facilitates quick texting, which is good news for texters.

The software features of this device too are seen to be modified, which helps you to get the maximum use our of this phone. Phone optimization to protect your battery usage, your own personalized screen saver are a few added facilities of this device. Quite a smooth-functioning software system!

The downside to all this being, its internal memory restriction of 8GB can easily be fixable by utilizing a micro SD card, thereby proving this product to be worth 4 out of 5 ratings as one of the best windows 10 mobiles.

Low priceSmall internal storage
Smooth software 
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Now that we have highlighted few of the best windows 10 mobiles, it is up to you, to make the final decision in choosing your favourite. With the scope of facilities allowed by windows mobiles you surely will not be disappointed! If you like technology you might like our latest feature on the best 3D smart TVs in the market, give it a read if it interests you.

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